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Soumya - Verma - 3/22/2009 2:11:00 PM


I came across this organization through my friends and attended one of their annual fundraisers. This organization has started very small but you would be amazed at what they have accomplished in the last four years! Their fundraisers are very entertaaining with dances, music and also include free dinner. Every dollar they raise will go to the benefit of underprivileged children. They also give a presentaiton about the Organization and the projects. IT IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO CONTRIBUTEE FOR A GOOD CAUSE!!


Prashant Gutala - 4/5/2009 4:41:18 PM


The organization is very focused on helping the kids in need and operates in a completely transparent manner. This is evident in every aspect of SOFKIN. As a volunteer, I am very happy and thank the SOFKIN management for giving me this opportunity%22E This is a great way to help underprivileged children .A little help from each one of us will go a long way.


Rajesh kumar - 12/2/2009 5:23:19 AM


“It was an answer to my prayers, when SOFKIN enabled me to give my time, gifts and abilities in a meaningful way …” “SOFKIN allows me to be more than a just a donor, by inviting me to be actively engaged in creating and grrowing adoption/orphan care initiatives…and I can do this without ‘recreating the wheel’ of starting a new organization to accomplish my passion to care for orphans.”


Bhat Dittakavi, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Vedicsoft - 3/29/2012 7:14:21 AM


SOFKIN kids are very natural and well nourished. There is happiness in their broad smiles, innocence in their faces, energy in dance moves, peace in meditating eyes, pride in awards display, discipline at lunch, coherence in co-living, jjovial at break time and security in their body language. This is what kids are meant to be. Sponsors, donors, volunteers and well-wishers can go to sleep happily that their contributions are at work. Every SOFKIN kid will turn outt to be the finest citizen of tomorrow’s India. All the best for June 2nd event.

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