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Dwarakamayi - Home for Girls in Hyderabad, India

Anandamayi  -  Home for Boys in Hyderabad, India

Premsagar    -  Home for Small Children in Pune, India

Sadabahar    -  Home for Small Children in Pune, India

Swagath        -  Home for Boys in Pune, India


Background and Need


The United Nations Charter on Children in a recent study has enumerated that the most vulnerable sector of the society is the worlds’ children and that every day nearly 30,000 children will die, most from causes such as hunger, treatable diseases, and natural calamities.


Over 50 million children have been directly or indirectly affected by these situations in the last five years. These children are at a great risk of violence, exploitation and abuse. These children need the safety and comfort of a HOME to be shielded from these influences and to thrive in this world.



There is, therefore, a never ending need for a safe home for the many unfortunate and under privileged children living in dire poverty without basic amenities. Support Organization For Kids In Need, referred to as SOFKIN henceforth, aims to build and maintain a home for the underprivileged children and provide them with basic amenities like food, clothing, shelter, and most important of all education without affiliations to race religion, gender, caste or creed. The aim here is to enable them to take care of themselves. The beneficiaries will be sourced from a combination of existing and new sources as per established guidelines set primarily catering towards orphan and destitute children. SOFKIN further plans to have many such homes in the future.




Each home will consist of a group of about 10 kids with one or two house mothers. The house mothers will assist the kids and look after their daily necessities. The kids will be sent to local schools. Education will receive utmost importance and we will make every effort to provide the beneficiaries with basic and vocational education. Audio visual equipment and computers will be made available. SOFKIN will also ensure the children are provided special training in the field of their interest to prepare them for potential job opportunities to be able to support themselves from 18 years of age.


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The Health of the kids will be continuously monitored by reputed doctors of the local community and appropriate medical records will be maintained. All necessary vaccinations and medications shall be provided. Utmost care will be taken in providing a nutritious, healthy and balanced diet prescribed by nutritionists. Sports and exercise will be encouraged and the children will have opportunity to participate in various activities. Basic entertainment like radio and television will be provided. The parent or guardian of the child inducted into SOFKIN will have the opportunity to periodically monitor the child’s progress. Children will be allowed to spend time with their parents/guardians during school holidays.


All the activities of the kids will be closely monitored and discipline and morality will be imbibed into them. ALL funds received will be properly documented and appropriately used. All established norms and guidelines will be followed.


Children Selection & Induction


Orphan & destitute children with poor living conditions will be selected after a careful consideration of the history & background of the child, Our social workers conduct a home study, collect all the relevant documents related to the parent/guardian, family background, medical records, etc. Children of all religions and caste are admitted into SOFKIN homes. The children receive utmost love & care, go to regular schools and are provided highly nutritious food and special medical care, The children in SOFKIN homes flourish as lovable, confident and talented individuals.




The house mother is not only a representative of our SOFKIN chapter, but also a member of our family. Therefore, the house mother should possess the characteristics of ‘love, affection, truthfulness, trust worthy, impartiality, dedication & commitment’ throughout her service to our organization. An open-door policy is vital for open communication with the members. The housemother must remain at all times completely impartial. She must never become committed to the position of favoring one child over another, one group of children over another group.


One of the primary functions of the housemother is to manage the kitchen’s operations-- helping to plan the meals, operate the kitchen and dining room service. The finance committee should cooperate closely with the housemother and should do everything reasonable to facilitate her work.




The warden deals with any problems that arise, provides a sense of stability and acts as a source of advice for anyone in difficulty. They are also responsible for some basic housekeeping, ensuring the place is kept clean, food provision, organizing meetings and coordinating with social workers. Wardens are preferably professionals with experience in depression management, child psychology, caring and communicating. Warden should help to create a more homely atmosphere and help housemothers in training and towards more independent living. Warden is also responsible for establishing good relationships with local community and volunteer organizations.


Home Security


The housemothers, staff and cildren are given identity cards and daily attendance is maintained. The visitors require to make appointments prior to visiting SOFKIN homes. A visitors register is maintained with the details of visits, including feedback from the visitors.




We strictly advise visitors to avoid donating cash. We welcome checks or physical commodities as donations. We do not entertain outside cooked food, but welcome snacks such as cakes, biscuits, cookies, soft drinks, etc.


Food Menu


Weekly menu will be prepared from menu items prescribed by Nutritionists. This will be monitored by the management to ensure that the prescribed diet is strictly followed.


Local Community Involvement


Children will be encouraged to attend and participate in local community activities. Donors from local community will be encouraged to provide monthly groceries, specific items, etc.

501 (C)(3)  & 80G Certified

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