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SOFKIN was very pleased to participate in the 20th anniversary celebration of Maher, our sister organization in Pune, India, on February 5. Nine SOFKIN children and 4 caretakers traveled to Maher with Chaya, who was in India for the month of February. They joined thousands of people, including beneficiaries and local, national, and international guests and dignitaries for the two day celebration. The SOFKIN children performed a classical dance as part of the festivities. “They danced beautifully”, Chaya said, “I was so proud of them.”

SOFKIN joined the Interfaith Community for Service to Humanity and Nature launched by Sister Lucy, as the objectives of this initiative align directly with the SOFKIN mission. This community believes that all religions are equal and in providing service to people and to nature. All here are committed to standing by those who are suffering.

The children received a very warm welcome from their Maher brothers and sisters and were engaged by their interactions. Maher and SOFKIN homes have many similarities, and the visit helped them understand that they are part of a larger family. The two organizations share common core values and aspirations, there is the promise of even more collaboration and mutual support in the future.


On February 12th, Star Hospital staff in Hyderabad arranged transportation and provided health check-ups for SOFKIN. All the children received blood tests, physicals, and x-rays. Thank you to Mr. Venkat Reddy, founding partner of STAR Hospitals, Dr. Ranjith and his team for their kind coordination and great support! We’re happy to report that the great majority of the children are in good health. There are a few children that need follow up checks ups, and Star Hospital will continue to treat and monitor those children. They also provided eye glasses for some of the children.


We are happy to report that construction on the new buildings is fully underway! Foundations for both the boys and girls buildings have been completed and the building columns raised. Ground floor slabs will be laid in early April.