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Sponsor a Child

  • Sponsor a child for $60.month. Your sponsorship covers complete expenses of a child that includes food, medical and education expenses of the child.

  • You or your child can save $2 per day and donate this money to support a child. Your child will be part of the 'buddy' network.

  • You will be provided constant updates on the progress of the children through the website and email communication.


Corporate Match

  • Register SOFKIN in your corporate NGO support network. Most companies match 100% of your donation which will be beneficial for you and SOFKIN.  

  • SOFKIN is currently registered in more than 10 corporate match programs.


Sponsor Events

  • You can sponsor an event as a corporate sponsor, put up a booth at the event or advertise your business in our event souvenir.


Sponsor a Home

  • Each SOFKIN home consists of 12-15 children with 2 housemothers who are the caretakers for the children. You can sponsor a home for $12000/year. Your sponsorship covers administrative expenses, food, medical and education expenses of all the children in the SOFKIN home.

  • You will be provided constant updates on the progress of the children through the website and email communication.


Form a SOFKIN Support Group

  • Form a SOFKIN Support Group (SSG) to host fundraising events and raise funds to support SOFKIN projects.

  • There are 3 SSGs in NJ, Delaware and Philadelphia.


Be a Volunteer

  • Children in middle school - high school can join SOFKIN Youth Group as a volunteer. You will be provided volunteer hours.

  • You can be a registered volunteer to help spread the word about SOFKIN and to participate in the events.

Marriage Fund

  • Help cover expenses that would normally be covered by a girl’s family as she approaches her wedding day.

  • Cover expenses for a modest wedding, as well as things needed to set up a new household.

  • Provide some financial resources that will allow our girls to maintain some level of independence as they marry.

College Fund

  • Help cover tuition fees, books and professional exam fees.

  • Provide modest stipend to help students concentrate on their studies.

Contribute to Building Fund

  • SOFKIN is currently hosting over 40 children in a small house in Hyderabad. Our generous donors provided funds to acquire the land.

  • We are currently in need of raising funds for two buildings for boys and girls.


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Ways to Donate


For Checks in USA:


Checks Payable to: SOFKIN


10 Buttonwood Drive


New Jersey 08505

For Checks in INDIA

Checks Payable to: SOFKIN

Address: Rampally, Hyderabad.


For Direct Deposits: 

Email to:

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