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We wish everyone could visit SOFKIN homes. The experience can change you forevermore. But when you can't, a "virtual tour" can still give you some of the sights and sounds that make up the lives of our beautiful, healthy children who would have been abandoned if not for SOFKIN. Please take 2 minutes to watch the video A Day At SOFKIN Home that a SOFKIN sponsor made during her recent trip to our SOFKIN homes in Pune & Hyderabad-India.


Sponsor a Child


You can sponsor a child for $60 per month. This will cover all expenses related to food, shelter, clothing, education and medical for a single child for a month. We expect at least a two year commitment from the sponsors and the sponsorship can be canceled anytime with four months prior notice.


Sponsor a Home


You can take up complete sponsorship for a SOFKIN home with 12 children and 2 housemothers for $ 12,000 per year. This will cover expenses related to food, shelter, clothing, education, medical, rent, staff salaries and other expenses.


Payment Methods


You can click on the 'Donate' button above to donate online through Paypal (Please be mindful that Paypal will deduct 2.33% of the amount as transaction fees) or write a check payable to 'SOFKIN'.


You can also consult your bank to setup auto payments.


Mailing Address: SOFKIN, 10 Buttonwood Drive, Bordentown, New Jersey 08505

Sponsor Benefits


  • You will be listed as a sponsor on SOFKIN website

  • Access to children details, progress reports and expense reports on the SOFKIN website.

  • You will receive quarterly news letters of SOFKIN

  • You will have free admission to SOFKIN cultural events, annual fundraisers

  • You are welcome to visit SOFKIN homes at any time with prior notice (for security reasons) and interact with children.

  • You will be given a warm welcome with bright smiles!



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(PayPal deducts 2.33% as a transaction fees)

Charity begins at home…

                    'We make a living by what we get,

                     but we make a life by what we give'

                         Let us take it beyond our homes…

"You will find, as you look back on your life, that the moments stand out are the moments when you have done things for others."

​​Help make a difference and become a volunteer today!



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