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We are registered under for our utmost transperancy!

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SOFKIN is a non-profit organization registered in New Jersey, USA, and Hyderabad, India, to support the upbringing of underprivileged children, striving to make a difference in their lives.


We practice our belief by establishing and supporting SOFKIN homes for children. The children are not only given food, shelter, clothing, medical and education facilities, but are also given a secured home where they are cared for, guided and nurtured by the housemothers. The house mothers are battered and destitute women that are trained in cooking and caring for children, evaluated for efficiency, character, and attitude before being placed as housemothers in these homes. Each home will have 10-15 children with two housemothers. This operating model not only benefits children but also the women to be self sufficient.


SOFKIN is currently supporting over over 90 children in five homes in Pune and Hyderabad,India. The children inducted into SOFKIN homes go to regular schools and have been performing well in both academics and extracurricular activities. They won many awards in various school and district level competitions. They are the example of positive difference one can bring into the lives of these children by giving love and care in a secure environment.


SOFKIN is a thin organization with minimal administrative overhead ensuring every dollar raised is utilized in the best possible manner. 

SOFKIN works with other nonprofit organizations with similar objectives to strengthen and extend services for the upbringing of underprivileged children in the global community.

Proper nurture & education can put an end to the poverty


"Support the upbringing of under privileged children, irrespective of name or nationality, caste or creed, race or religion, by providing basic amenities, education and medical aid in a secure and healthy environment"   


SOFKIN was a small effort to realize Chaya's personal dream that has manifested into a bigger project and is currently supporting over 90 destitute & underprivileged children in India. Thanks to our sponsors & donors for their long standing support and for making a positive difference in the lives of destitute women & children.

 Interfaith Approach

  • The center of all religions is the 'light of love'.

  • ​Every child deserves to live their dreams.

  • Every child deserves a home & a family.

  • No child is different from our own child.

  • Every child can excel with focused guidance under motherly care & love.

  • It is impossible to drive this mission to success without the generous support from our sponsors, donors and volunteers.


  • All proceeds are used for the stated purpose with minimal adminstrative costs. The Board of Directors and volunteers of SOFKIN do not receive any remuneration. 

  • We select eligible children based on certain criteria to ensure appropriate use of funds.

  • We are committed to transparancy of operations and provide frequent updates to our donors.

Value based education and little attention can make them the winners!

Our Stories
 Sponsor a Home
$12,000 / INR 8,40,000 per Year
You can sponsor a home with 15 children and 2 housemothers. The sponsorship will cover all the expenses related to housing, food, education and medical needs.
Sponsor a Child

INR 4,200/Month

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